4 Things to Consider Before Designing a Custom Closet

Have you been thinking about doing a makeover for your walk-in closet? Skip the DIY process and do it right the first time with the expert guidance of SpaceManager Closets. We will help you organize and elevate your closet space so that it will be tailored to fit your needs. Before you begin the process of constructing your dream closet, take a look at the tips our designers compiled to make the design process more efficient.

  1. What is the main thing you’d like to accomplish with updating you closet space?
    • Do you have a large handbag or shoe collection that you’d like to show off? Are you looking for something minimalistic or extravagant? Would you like to create a space that feels like a boutique storefront? Or are you looking to improve your storage capacity? No matter the vision, what’s most important is designing a space around your greatest need and what you love the most.
  2. What accessories will you need to make your space more functional?
    • When customizing your closets, cabinetry and built-ins are the basic core of your space. Accessories, though, bring the entire closet design to completion. Their main function is to further organize your items without taking up more space. Take a moment and think about what accessories fit your overall design aesthetic and what fits your daily needs. Are you always on the go and need something that is simple and easy to reach for, or are you looking to have a space where everything is thoughtfully placed to create an overall warm, relaxing, and inviting space? Some of the closet accessories we offer include: custom drawer inserts and shelf dividers, baskets, hampers, and valet systems for your ties, belts, and handbag and jewelry accessories.
  3. How do you envision your design aesthetic for your closet system?
    • Of course, organization is key when updating your closet, but it’s also important to think about what materials and finishes you’d like for your space. Simply put, what is your overall style?! Do you prefer something modern and sleek? If you answered yes, you’d probably like our dark colors and textured finishes. Or is your style light and airy? If so, then you might be drawn to our lighter colors or gloss finishes that reflect light. If you don’t have a vision in mind, our designers will be available every step of the way to help you pull it all together. Throughout our design process, you will be able to see, touch, and feel all of our products in our showroom to make your decision easy. We are here to help you achieve a functional and beautiful space that fits within your budget.
  4. Have you thought about increasing lighting with our integrated lighting systems?
    • When adding lighting to your space, instantly your closet can go from ordinary to boutique worthy. Our LED lighting options can dramatically enhance your closet. We can strategically place lighting in areas that are naturally dark, such as corners. Not to mention, we can also showcase the things that you love, such as shoes, handbags, fur, and jewelry with our programmable and dimmable lighting features.

Undergoing a closet revamp can be a huge undertaking. We’d recommend that you’d leave this task to the professionals. SpaceManager Closets has been transforming closets, laundry rooms, mud rooms, home offices, pantries, and garages for over 20 years. Schedule your free in-home consultation with our trusted designers or visit our showroom located in Central Houston today.