The holidays can be an extremely hectic time for you and your family, especially during these unprecedented times. Between figuring out who’s coming into town, where everyone will stay, and what you will serve them for dinner can cause you to feel the stressors of the holidays. At Spacemanager Closets, we’d like to help lighten your load during this frantic time by keeping you safe and keeping your family in-house. Investing in a Murphy Wall Bed can ease all of your stress from this joyous yet crazy time. 


A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed or pull-down bed, is stored vertically or horizontally against the wall. This bed works as an extra place for your guest to sleep, and when it’s not in use, fold the bed up against the wall to create that much needed extra floor space in your spare room! There is no better time to invest in a Murphy bed than right now, and here are five reasons why. 




  1. You can convert any room into a sleeping area with a Murphy Wall Bed
    • Most people tend to want to turn family and friends away when they do not have a dedicated guest room in their home. Forget the hassle of finding them a local hotel nearby, and offer your guest a place to sleep in your brand new Murphy Bed. 
    • First, you’ll need to decide on the best place to install your new and sleek Murphy bed. You may want to place your bed in your library, home gym, existing guest bedroom, or our most popular location, your home office. If you are worried that your new space saving unit will clash with your room’s existing decor, don’t fret! At SpaceManager Closets, we offer several finishes and styled “door” fronts to mask your bed. We even offer models that feature a functional space saving desk unit placed next to the bed that you can use while the bed is stored against the wall. 
  2. You can ditch your futon or pull-out couch
    • Your futon and pull-out couch might have worked as a great addition to your home in the past, but let’s be honest; futons and pull-out couches have never been comfortable to sleep on. Pull-out couches may act as a multifunctional piece of furniture, but if you want to get something that is going to get more than one use and adds character to the room, ditch your couch and invest in your new Murphy bed instead. 
  3. Murphy Beds are just as comfortable as your typical guest bed
    • You can either purchase the coinciding mattress with us or you can select your own Murphy Bed compatible mattress. With our locally sourced, made in Texas mattresses, your guests will no longer complain about bad backs the next morning or terrible neck cricks. So long dysfunctional and uncomfortable overnight stays!
  4. Murphy Beds allow smart storage solutions for your guest
    • Whether you are welcoming family from out of town or hosting your child from college over the weekend, at SpaceManger Closets we offer top of the line storage solutions for all of your needs. Our most popular custom storage cabinet accessories include: slide out nightstands shelves, integrated lighting, and closet hanging options.
  5. You can create your ultimate hybrid room without sacrificing your functionality or style
    • If you are worried about losing functionality with your flex space…don’t! Our Murphy Beds offer the best space saving and style options on the market. Call today for your free in-home consultation with one of our trusted designers.