Congrats, we have officially made it through 2020! With everything that happened in 2020, it’s time to refresh your space and get organized.  


If organization doesn’t come naturally to you – don’t stress – the reality is everyone has to learn how to become organized. Once you learn the basic rules of organization, you will start to develop habits that you will learn to live by on a daily basis. Our designers have come up with five tips that you can start implementing into your daily routine. Read on to begin your organization transformation for 2021.  


  1. Split Up Your Chores  
    • To keep you from becoming overwhelmed and to resist the urge to put off your chores, try completing them throughout the week little by little. Don’t waste away your weekend with tasks such as vacuuming and scrubbing, when you could be having fun with your friends and family. You can even split up chores with the members of your household to ease the stress of doing everything yourself.  
  2. Put Your Things Away Immediately 
    • This is a difficult tip to implement right away! No matter how tired or sleepy you may feel, clean up and take care of your things as soon as possible. Instead of throwing your jacket onto the floor or the bed, take an extra 30 seconds to put your jacket in your closet. You will thank yourself when you no longer have to spend an entire day cleaning up a week worth of mess!
    • If you are interested in taking your organization even further, take a look at investing in a custom closet system or even a custom mudroom, pantry, or home office cabinets for your family. At SpaceManager Closets, our designers are ready to help you create your dream space and provide your family with ultimate organized bliss. 
  3. Ensure Everything has a Place 
    • To make the previous tip easier, make sure all of your belongings have a designated area to be placed. This goes for your home, car, or even your desk at work. When everything has somewhere to live, you spend less time looking for where things are and spend more time being much more efficient.  
  4. Clean out Your Junk Drawers 
    • We all have those pesky drawers that become catch-all’s for all things miscellaneous. Take time every few months or so and clean out your junk drawers. Go through old mail, throw out old condiment packets, and re-home items that are useful and place them in an area that makes sense. 
  5. Purge Items You No Longer Need 
    • We’ve mentioned purging your belongings in previous blogs before, but it’s especially important to purge now that we have entered into a new year. It’s officially “out with the old and in with the new” season! Every season evaluate your closet, pantry, cabinets, toiletries and purge items that you no longer need or use. When you purge your things, it allows you to always find what you’re looking for, and to fill your spaces with things that you truly love.  


With your new organization tips, your life will become so much better now that you are organized. Even though these tips are simple, implementing them in your daily routine will go a long way. For more tips, tricks, and inspiration, be sure to visit our blog and check us out on FacebookInstagram, & Pinterest.