How To Care for Your System

Things change – you buy new closets, a toddler child becomes a teen, a teen child becomes an adult, you change style – any of these or other reasons could make you have the need to adjust your closet organizing system from SpaceManager.

How do I move an adjustable shelf?

  1. Your closet shelving can be easily moved since our shelving systems are completely adjustable.
  2. Remove the shelf by lifting one end straight up about 2 inches and then lift it out.
  3. Remove all four shelf pins and re-insert them at the desired height.
  4. Replace shelf back onto the pins.

How do I move a fixed shelf?

  1. On the shelf, you will see a plastic “cam” that has two holes in it – one square (next to the vertical panel) and one round. Using a Phillips head screwdriver and insert it into the round hole at a slight angle.
  2. Unlock cam lock by making a quarter turn counterclockwise. You will see a metal tooth in the square hole recessing itself back into the cam housing.
  3. Repeat this on the three other cams.
  4. Lift shelf to release it.
  5. Once shelf is removed, move the 4 screws in the side panels to the desired height.
  6. The shelf can then be re-installed and the locking cam mechanisms in all four corners re-tightened.

How do I clean the system?

Most of the systems we install are built with melamine coated boards. Melamine, while very attractive, is also very durable. Under normal circumstances, a damp cloth with a little glass cleaner (or similar household cleaner) will do fine. If you should get a tough spot on the system (grease, coffee, glue, etc.) then a small amount of nail polish remover or mineral spirits should do the trick. You should follow all safety precautions as listed on the container when using strong chemicals such as mineral spirits, nail polish remover, etc.

How do I move a hang rod?

  1. On each end of the rod, you will notice rod cups.
  2. Remove the bar from the cups by pushing firmly up on the bar.
  3. Once the bar is removed, pull out the two rod cups and re-insert them at desired height. Be sure that both cups are the same level and re-insert the bar by pressing down firmly. You may need to use pliers to remove the cups.

Can I add a drawer/basket/shelf or any other accessories?

Yes, we keep all your designs on file, and we will deliver and install additional drawers, baskets, shelves, or other desired accessories.

What if something breaks?

All of our products come with a Limited lifetime warranty. Depending on what is broken and when it happens, your warranty may cover repairs at no cost to you. Please contact our office for further information or send an email to

If I sell the home, is the warranty transferrable?


Can I move the system locally or to another state?

No. We consider the custom system a permanent addition to your home. We do not move installed systems or advise that you do so.

What if a door looks crooked?

Adjust the hinges until the doors become aligned. If you need further assistance, you can always call us.

How do I remove the drawers?

* We recommend emptying the drawers although it is not required.

  1. Pull the drawer all the way out until it stops.
  2. While unlocking the trigger release, continue to pull the drawer out. Be careful it does not fall on you or your toes.
  3. Right side – Push Down; Left side – Push Up
  4. To put it back in, line up the side runners on the drawers with the side runners inside the partitions and push it back into place.
  5. Push slides mounted on side panels back into the cabinet.
  6. Set the runners on the drawer into the slots on the slides mounted to side panel.
  7. Slide the drawer back slowly and firmly until it rolls all the way in.

Can I switch the knobs?

Yes, as long as the knobs have the same drill pattern as the current knobs.

Can I paint the system?

The finishes on our melamine and pre-finished wood systems are permanent and do not require painting. Paint grade wood systems may be painted and re-painted.

What does the warranty cover?

We are so confident in the quality and workmanship of our products; we offer a Limited warranty FOR LIFE! Our warranty covers against defects in material and workmanship. View our more details on the SpaceManager Warranty Here