Custom Walk in Closet


Install time: 2-3 days



This beautiful work or art has a modern feel with the flat panel doors and white finish.  This is a popular set up because of the size and usefulness of it.  Use it all or pick what you like.  At the far end center area there is a place for all your shoes, heels and boots.  On the side of the shoe shelving there is a pull belt rack.  Placed in the middle is a pure white bench so you’ll be able to sit in any direction while utilizing the closet space.  The bench will likely be most useful when putting on socks, shoes or pants.  Installed on the right side is an extra large full body mirror.  Other areas include the tilt out hamper, four hanger areas, multiple storage options including upper storage, purse/wallet drop, flat paneled five drawer stack and upper cabinet storage doors.  Also, when you are ready to hit the town, pull the valet rod and place your go to dress or shirt where you can easily get to it.

  • Finish: White

  • Pull-out laundry drawer

  • Bench

  • Chrome hanger rods

  • XL full length mirror

  • Valet rod

  • Pull out belt rack

  • Wall coat hang area

  • Wallet drop area

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