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Install time: 2-4 days



This gorgeous master closet comes with a centered deluxe island, incredible scarf waterfall, LED lighting, double stacked jewelry drawer, glass doors and more!  There’s plenty of areas for shoes with and without shoe racks.  Grab your pants on the go with the pant rack while keeping them nice and folded.  There’s plenty of enclosed storage overhead for additional items.  The beautiful traditional crown molding along the ceiling is absolutely stunning and really adds a concluding element to the closet.  Fully customize the shelf spacing to fit your needs.  You will be able to move shelves to just about any level.  Your dresses or nicer clothes will be protected behind the glass doors.

  • Finish: White

  • Traditional raised panel: doors/drawers

  • Traditional crown moulding

  • Center island deluxe drawer stack

  • Jewelry drawer

  • LED strip lighting

  • Valet rod

  • Multiple storage shelves

  • Lower floor storage space

  • Upper storage

  • Multiple glass doors

  • Shoe racks

  • Pull-out pant racks

  • Pull-out mirror

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