Floor Mounted vs Wall HungThere are a few types of systems to consider when creating your custom closet: wall hung closets, floor mounted closets, or a combination of the two. All of these options should provide you with the storage you need, but one might suit your needs better than another.

Wall hung closet systems attach to the wall using a steel rail that is secured at the studs. These systems do not extend to the floor. Because these systems ‘float’ above the floor, cleaning or changing out flooring are much easier with this type of closet.

If you do choose a wall hung closet, make sure that the company you purchase from offers a warranty. If any of the panels break or become detached from the wall, they should be repaired at no cost to you. This rarely happens, and wall hung systems work quite well. But you want to be protected just in case.

Floor mounted closets sit on the floor and are attached to the wall with brackets to assure that the units can’t be pulled forward. Because these systems go all the way to the floor, installation may require the removal of base trim in certain spots, or in some cases, entirely. Because of the extra support of the floor, there are structural advantages of this type of system. These include the possibility for deeper shelving and the ability to hold more weight.

Some of the aesthetic perks of a floor mounted closet include their flexibility and overall look. Since the side panels extend all the way to the floor, customers can add or edit shelves, doors and drawers. There’s also more flexibility in the overall style of the system with options for adding more extensive doors and moulding. The installation style also gives it the sophisticated look of built-in furniture.

It’s not uncommon to see a combination of these two systems, with some sections wall-hanging and some floor mounted. Take a look at this gallery of custom closets and see if you can spot each type of closet.