SONY DSCA new closet means an end to cluttered chaos and the opportunity to create your dream closet.  For years it’s been clothes that don’t fit quite right, not enough storage for shoes, jewelry tangled up in a small box, ties everywhere, and more storage nightmares. A simple re-organization of your closet might be enough, but sometimes that dream closet means starting from scratch.

Economically, going to Home Depot and purchasing a pre-made wire closet system may seem like the best option. These systems are marketed as cheap, durable and flexible, and they may offer some relief from the chaos and clutter in the short run. However, life is unpredictable and needs tend to change.

Their ‘flexibility’ claim pertains to their ability to fit into closets that are different sizes, but they are not necessarily easy to change out and rearrange. Things like adding shelves, adjusting shelf height, moving the hanging rods and adding accessories are not easy tasks with these systems. Flexibility of the system is lost after the initial installation.

For a more long term solution to storage problems, laminate systems might work better. They are just as durable as a wire system, if not more. They offer more flexibility in the long run, with movable shelves and rods. Shelves can be added or taken away with storage needs, heights adjusted, drawers and accessories added. Other added benefits include that they’re easier to clean and provide better protection for your clothes from dust.

Most, if not all, custom closet makers use laminate systems. The BEST storage solution would be to hire one of these closet professionals to design and build your custom closet. It may cost more than a pre-packaged system, but the benefits have unlimited value.

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