Home OfficeLike any other furniture product, a custom home office system comes in a variety of materials and styles, with price range depending on a variety of criteria. After taking a look at some of the factors that determine costs, we will give specific pricing from a certain source.

Design – some people need a 15’ long desk with 12 file drawers, while others need a small nook to pay bills and print off recipes.  Obviously, the scope and scale of a home office has a direct relationship on price.  Some designs will have lots of knee space and little cabinetry. Others will have storage for everything and anything.  The more cabinetry in a design, the higher the price will be.

Materials – the least expensive custom home office system usually made from a paint-grade material, with paintable flat slab doors on the front of the cabinet.  Laminates would be next, and finally real wood veneers would be the most expensive, with profiled doors, like raised panel or shaker style.

Countertops – laminate tops are the most economical, but do not use a melamine counter top in your home office.  Melamine is a wonderful material for the cabinetry, but not for the work surface, which needs to be very tough.  Thicker laminate tops (brands like Wilsonart and Formica) are the way to go.  And many of these plastic laminate colors and styles are very innovative.  These are not the kitchens counters of the 70s.  Granite and other stone options are also common for home offices, and are more expensive depending on the choice and style of stone.

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Style of doors – paint grade flat slab doors are the least expensive, with laminate slab door next. Laminate in a raised panel or shaker style would increase the price. The most expensive style of cabinetry for custom home office furniture is going to be real wood cabinetry with raised panels.

Generally, a small desk nook might be as little as $1200-1500, installed.  A moderate home office with space for two and ample filing and supply storage might be $3500 – $6000.  A full-blown study with hi-end finishes and a stone top, upper cabinets with crown moulding and under cabinet lighting could easily run $8000, up to $20,000 or more. To take a look at some specific home office projects and how much they cost, take a look at these Custom Home Office Cost Case Studies.