SONY DSCLike any other custom storage system, the pricing of custom garage organization systems vary.  In this post we will give you the critical criteria that control the cost of typical garage storage.  At the end of the post, we will give you some actual dollar amounts for a popular garage design.

With garage organization, there are many different routes to take in that quest to clear room for your car. You can opt for shelving, cabinetry, work bench areas, slatwall for hanging all kinds of items (gardening, cleaning and sports equipment, for example), overhead racks, flooring and more.   Pricing for a garage storage system can vary from a few hundred dollars for a couple of sections of simple shelving, all the way up to $20,000 or more for the ultimate man-cave, Nascar-style garage.

In all storage and cabinetry projects, some basic cost drivers are depth, height, and design details (drawers, doors, etc.).  Do you require simply some 12” deep open shelving, or something deeper and covered with doors?  Is 84” (7 feet) tall enough, or do you need to go to the ceiling with a 10’ tall system.  Deeper and taller is more expensive than narrower and shorter, or course.  And covering every shelf section with doors will almost double the price of the system.  Also, drawers can run $100 each or much more, depending on the cabinetry. It’s all a matter of what you require in a garage organization system.

A common custom garage storage project might have covered cabinetry that is 10’ wide, 8’ tall and 18” or 24” deep, deep cabinetry, with a work bench area, and a few drawers.  Add to that a couple areas of slatwall that are around 70-100 square feet each, and an overhead rack or two.  A project like this, installed and tax included will be in the range of $3000 – $6000 depending on the depth, height and actual design details of the job.  If it’s a 2-car garage and epoxy flooring is desired, add about $2000 to that. For some more examples check out our Custom Garage Costs Case Study.