SONY DSCCustom closet costs vary all over the board based on the choices made in the design and customization process. These factors include overall design, height and depth, accessories, finishes and styles. In the last paragraph, we will give you some pricing for typical closets, but an exact quote cannot be prepared without knowing the requirements and seeing the space to be used.

Do you plan to keep it simple with just hanging space and some shelves? Or does your custom closet need some more extensive storage with drawers, cabinet doors and slanted shoe shelves?  Are you trying to maximize 10’ of height with hydraulic pulldown rods, or is standard 7’ tall sufficient? These are the design questions that need to be answered before a serious cost estimate can be made. Of course, the more materials used, the more money spent. Deeper shelving will of course be more expensive than shallow. Taller units will always cost more than shorter ones.

With a custom closet, there are accessories and finishes to consider as well. Do you need jewelry drawers, a bench, a hamper, a tall cabinet just for ties and belts, or under cabinet lighting? These are some of the accessories offered, with prices ranging from $50 to over $200. Like accessories, the prices of the finishes vary as well. The least expensive finishes are usually a white or an almond shade in a laminate. Wood grain laminate and stained woods are also an option, with real wood being the most expensive. You can add moulding, granite countertops, glass front doors and more to create a high-end look. Obviously, the more fancy and exotic the materials and choice of finish and style, the more expensive the closet will become.  You can triple the price of a custom closet without changing the design one bit by opting for a higher-end look.


Now here are some custom closet cost numbers. Typical white or almond laminate closets run in the area of $125/linear foot. For example, a 6 x 6 small walk-in has 18 linear feet (LF) and an approximate price tag for a “typical” design is $2250, installed and tax included.  Now changing the finish and style, adding crown moulding and a few other things could easily double the price.  An average walk in that is 13 x 7 has 33 LF and an approximate price tag for a “typical” design is $4125, installed and tax included.  Make it fancy, and it could easily get up to $7-8K or more. To get some more examples, take a look at our Custom Closet Costs Case Study.

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