Picture2Garage cabinets are almost always going to be made from laminate materials, such as melamine or thermofoil, and are able to weather the changing conditions that can be found in the garage more so than a system made of wood. For customers wanting to create the look of a high end auto shop, high gloss laminate is available to add shine and color to the doors and drawers of garage cabinetry.

Complementary additions to garage cabinets are overhead racks and slatwall. Overhead racks are mounted from the ceiling with steel arms and a steel, grated shelf. Slatwall is made from super-durable PVC plastic, with accessories made from a number of different materials.

Some customers finish off their garage with special flooring that offers a no slip, stain resistant surface. The flooring undergoes a 4 stage process to assure its durability. This includes treating the concrete, coating with industrial grade epoxy, and then applying colored chips to provide texture. A clear coat seals the layers together and completes the process.

One or all of these aspects can be used to create the perfect garage organization system for your home. Take a look at our Garage Storage Gallery to see how others have combined and utilized these features! These materials are made to last, so don’t settle for anything less than a lifetime warranty (at least 5 years for flooring) from the company that designs and builds your system.