Creating the perfect custom closet is all in the details, and a closet is much more than just your hanging clothes. You must consider jewelry, ties, belts, laundry, folded clothing and more. To make the most out of your closet space, it’s important to utilize the available accessories.

Dbl Jewelry DrawerIf you have a lot of jewelry to store there’s the double jewelry drawer or double jewelry inserts. With both of these accessories, acrylic dividers separate each piece of jewelry into its own section to prevent tangling, and allowing each piece to be seen. With the double jewelry drawer, the top layer of jewelry slides over the bottom layer, doubling the amount of storage and making for a sleek look and feel. With the inserts, you are able to lift out the top section to give full visibility to the bottom tier. Both options are very popular.

To store belts, you might need apull out belt rack. A lot of custom closets are made with these. Belts can be difficult to store, often sticking out of random nooks in a closet. With the slide out racks, you can hang belts along the side of a closet panel and roll them out only when you need to take a look.

For your vast collection of ties or scarves, the pull out tie rack is a great space saver. This accessory works like the belt rack, sliding out and into view only when necessary. It also is versatile, able to be used for not only ties, but also scarves and necklaces too!

Tilt Out HamperGetting your laundry off the floor can be accomplished with a tilt out laundry hamper, pull out laundry hamper, or chrome baskets. Both the tilt out laundry hamper and the pull out laundry hamper come with two removable laundry bags to separate and carry laundry out of the closet and to the washing machine. The tilt out hamper hides behind cabinetry and the pull out slides out from underneath shelving. They both have the same functionality, but different looks. Chrome baskets are mainly used for storage but they also double as laundry baskets.

To divide and conquer clutter, think about adding an acrylic hosiery divider, drawer dividers, or acrylic shelf dividers. The acrylic drawer divider separates the drawer into six sections to keep like things together. There are also single panel drawer dividers that can divide drawers into two or three sections. Shelf dividers sit vertically atop the shelf and are easily adjustable.

To see some of these accessories and others, take a look at our closet accessory gallery.