22 Presto Slat onlySlatwall is the most versatile aspect of garage organization. There are endless combinations of accessories to be utilized! Slatwall fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at this breakdown of things that might be found in a garage and the most popular accessories for storing them.

For the family of sports enthusiasts, there are a number of sport-specific accessories available. There are baskets and hooks made to store gear for tennis, biking, golf, fishing and more. There are also more generic options that include the large sports rack & basket which can hold a number of different balls, gloves, bats and more. Similarly, a ball net is available to keep things from rolling under cars and cabinets.

To store household cleaning supplies, there are hooks in varying shapes and sizes. Simple hooks are available in different lengths and are perfect for holding brooms, mops and most anything else. They are lightweight, yet strong and easy to move. More specialized hooks, like the J-hook, S-hook, Double Hook and loop hook are great to hold item that are larger or lack a loop for hanging.

If there’s handy-work to be done outdoors or in the garage itself, there are excellent options to hold tools and other equipment. The tool rack is great for easy access to screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and more. A paper towel holder keeps your towels in easy reach for spills. Hanging baskets are great for storing gardening supplies. There’s also sturdy shelves for paint cans, tool boxes and other larger items.

Take a look at these accessories in-use in our gallery to get an idea of what you may want to use in your garage.