Cherry Craftsman Wallbed upFirst, you will need to locate a company that offers Murphy beds and give them a call. Even if they are a custom cabinetry shop, they should still be able to give you pricing for the basic system: the bed and the cabinetry that encloses it. If you are interested in additional cabinetry or storage around the bed, that will not be as easy of a cost to estimate. Take a look at ‘How much does a Murphy Bed typically Cost’ to get a better idea of pricing.

Once you are satisfied that the bed itself is within your budget, set an appointment for them to come to your home and give you a formal quote for everything  you want. Even if you only want the ‘bed in a box’ they still need to take a look at the space itself to take into account the ceiling height, baseboards, possible obstructions and other details of the space.

Your preferences should be central to the discussion during this home visit. Do you want this room to serve as a home office, spare bedroom, craft room or maybe even a man cave? After assessing your needs and wants, the design process can begin. They may design your Murphy bed and the surrounding cabinetry right there, or they might set up a follow up appointment with you to review your proposal.

Once you review and approve the design, then you will sign off on the drawings and get an installation set up. Most often, the installation is done in one day. Typically installations are arranged about 2-4 weeks after design approval. The entire process could take as little as a week, or as long as 4-6 weeks depending on the details of your project. In only a short time, your guests will be off the lumpy pull-out coach and enjoy an excellent night’s sleep on your Murphy bed.