Custom closet companies should be able to work within a realistic budget. To give you an idea of what you would be able to get for a smaller price tag, take a look at these three examples of closets under $1,000.

Closets Under 1000

A small linen closet or coat closet (pictured left) can start around $200 to $400 dollars. This particular design is just under $400 and includes about 4 ½ feet of storage space. This is a great alternative to common coat closets, which often have only hanging space even though much more than coats are stored there.

A child’s or guest room reach-in closet (pictured center) can start at about $500. The drawers, chrome baskets and antique white finish of the closet pictured bring the price in at just above $1,000. Choosing a white or almond finish and trading in the drawers for more shelving brings the pricing down

To get a walk in closet (pictured right) under budget, focus on hanging space and shelving. Adding drawers and other accessories can easily add on to the price. This unit has a good amount of hanging space and a small section of shelving. The system pictured comes in at $725.

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