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Organization FAQs

Do I need a special mattress for a Murphy Bed?2023-07-26T05:11:00-05:00

Wall Bed - Slightly Open PicMost Murphy beds do not require a special mattress.  In fact, shy away from Murphy beds that can only use a mattress supplied by the company.  When that mattress needs replacing in 10 years, then what?

Look for a Murphy bed provider that can use any mattress, with the only restriction being the thickness.  It is common for the thickness limit to be around 11” so the cabinet can be narrow (typically 16” deep) and the unit can fit nicely into even a small room.  This 11” thickness usually means that some of today’s plush, pillow top mattresses will not work.  Rather, a standard “old school” style mattress is what works best.  Any brand is fine, even a memory-foam mattress works well, as long as it is less than 11” thick.  Remember, though, that if you are supplying your own mattress, be sure it is delivered in advance of your installation date so the installers can balance your mechanism for extremely easy operation.

What is the process of getting a Murphy Bed installed in my home?2023-07-26T06:24:02-05:00

Cherry Craftsman Wallbed upFirst, you will need to locate a company that offers Murphy beds and give them a call. Even if they are a custom cabinetry shop, they should still be able to give you pricing for the basic system: the bed and the cabinetry that encloses it. If you are interested in additional cabinetry or storage around the bed, that will not be as easy of a cost to estimate. Take a look at ‘How much does a Murphy Bed typically Cost’ to get a better idea of pricing.

Once you are satisfied that the bed itself is within your budget, set an appointment for them to come to your home and give you a formal quote for everything  you want. Even if you only want the ‘bed in a box’ they still need to take a look at the space itself to take into account the ceiling height, baseboards, possible obstructions and other details of the space.

Your preferences should be central to the discussion during this home visit. Do you want this room to serve as a home office, spare bedroom, craft room or maybe even a man cave? After assessing your needs and wants, the design process can begin. They may design your Murphy bed and the surrounding cabinetry right there, or they might set up a follow up appointment with you to review your proposal.

Once you review and approve the design, then you will sign off on the drawings and get an installation set up. Most often, the installation is done in one day. Typically installations are arranged about 2-4 weeks after design approval. The entire process could take as little as a week, or as long as 4-6 weeks depending on the details of your project. In only a short time, your guests will be off the lumpy pull-out coach and enjoy an excellent night’s sleep on your Murphy bed.

How much do Murphy Beds cost?2023-07-26T05:14:59-05:00

WallbedMurphy Beds sometimes called wall beds are like any other furniture product. Murphy beds come in a variety of materials and styles, and prices depend on a variety of criteria.  We’ll give you actual pricing for sample Murphy bed projects later in the post.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at the different aspects that determine pricing.

First, you have to decide if you need just the bed and the cabinetry that encloses it, or the bed plus a desk, or if you want the works: desk, bookshelves, covered doors, etc. Most people are interested in shelving, drawers, wardrobe cabinets, or other storage alongside their new Murphy bed to add to the rooms overall versatility.  The prices of these cabinets vary depending on the materials chosen and the design of the cabinets.  Simple, paint-grade shelving might be only $200 each section, while a deeper wardrobe cabinet made from cherry veneer with glass doors might be $3000, all by itself.

Next you need to decide what materials you would like to use and the style these materials will be. The lowest price is usually a cabinet made from paint-grade MDF material, with paintable flat slab doors on the front of the cabinet.  Laminates would be next, and finally real wood veneers would be the most expensive, with profiled doors, like raised panel or shaker style.

Don’t forget about the mattress!  Try to do business with a company that includes the mattress – it’s simply more convenient for you. However, if you want to use your own mattress, this option should be available to you. On the day of installation, it is critical to have the mattress present so the installers can balance the mechanism.  If the mattress comes later, or you just don’t get around to ordering it in time, the installation may not be able to be completed.  Companies that include the mattress know exactly what is required to balance the mechanism.  Also, the mattress is usually of pretty good quality since these companies know that people spending the money on a Murphy bed expect a decent sleeping experience.

SpaceMan Home & Office in Houston, TX prices their Murphy beds as follows (all beds come with mattress and installation included:
Twin bed – flat slab front in paint grade or laminate – $1800, Profiled laminate front – $2350, Wood front – $2825
Double (Full) bed – flat slab front in paint grade or laminate – $2200, Profiled laminate front – $3000, Wood front – $3700
Queen bed – flat slab front in paint grade or laminate – $2350, Profiled laminate front – $3200, Wood front – $3900

To get a more specific idea of what Murphy bed might cost, visit our Murphy Bed Costs Case Studies page.

Murphy Beds require how much space?2023-07-26T06:14:29-05:00

SONY DSCA closed Twin Murphy Bed cabinet is 45 ½” wide, 81” tall and 16” deep.  When open, it extends 84” out into the room, from the wall to the foot of the bed.

A closed Double/Full Murphy Bed cabinet is 59 ½” wide, 81” tall and 16” deep.  When open, it extends 84” out into the room, from the wall to the foot of the bed.

A closed Queen Murphy Bed cabinet is 65 ½” wide, 86” tall and 16” deep.  When open, it extends 90” out into the room, from the wall to the foot of the bed.

Side cabinetry – most people are interested in shelving or drawers or wardrobe cabinets alongside their new Murphy Bed.  The sizes of these items vary, of course, depending on what you need for that space.  Try to do business with a company that offers 100% custom products.  If you have 21” on either side of your Murphy Bed and you want some shelving on either side, then the cabinetry company should be able to fabricate their cabinets or shelves to fit precisely.  If they offer “pre-made” items that are only available in 24” or 30” wide, then you are not dealing with a custom shop.  Their product may be fine, but if your needs are unique, they may not be able to meet them precisely.

How much do custom home office systems cost?2023-07-26T05:13:38-05:00

Home OfficeLike any other furniture product, a custom home office system comes in a variety of materials and styles, with price range depending on a variety of criteria. After taking a look at some of the factors that determine costs, we will give specific pricing from a certain source.

Design – some people need a 15’ long desk with 12 file drawers, while others need a small nook to pay bills and print off recipes.  Obviously, the scope and scale of a home office has a direct relationship on price.  Some designs will have lots of knee space and little cabinetry. Others will have storage for everything and anything.  The more cabinetry in a design, the higher the price will be.

Materials – the least expensive custom home office system usually made from a paint-grade material, with paintable flat slab doors on the front of the cabinet.  Laminates would be next, and finally real wood veneers would be the most expensive, with profiled doors, like raised panel or shaker style.

Countertops – laminate tops are the most economical, but do not use a melamine counter top in your home office.  Melamine is a wonderful material for the cabinetry, but not for the work surface, which needs to be very tough.  Thicker laminate tops (brands like Wilsonart and Formica) are the way to go.  And many of these plastic laminate colors and styles are very innovative.  These are not the kitchens counters of the 70s.  Granite and other stone options are also common for home offices, and are more expensive depending on the choice and style of stone.

home office 3

Style of doors – paint grade flat slab doors are the least expensive, with laminate slab door next. Laminate in a raised panel or shaker style would increase the price. The most expensive style of cabinetry for custom home office furniture is going to be real wood cabinetry with raised panels.

Generally, a small desk nook might be as little as $1200-1500, installed.  A moderate home office with space for two and ample filing and supply storage might be $3500 – $6000.  A full-blown study with hi-end finishes and a stone top, upper cabinets with crown moulding and under cabinet lighting could easily run $8000, up to $20,000 or more. To take a look at some specific home office projects and how much they cost, take a look at these Custom Home Office Cost Case Studies.

How Much Do Garage Storage Systems Cost?2023-07-26T05:14:22-05:00

SONY DSCLike any other custom storage system, the pricing of custom garage organization systems vary.  In this post we will give you the critical criteria that control the cost of typical garage storage.  At the end of the post, we will give you some actual dollar amounts for a popular garage design.

With garage organization, there are many different routes to take in that quest to clear room for your car. You can opt for shelving, cabinetry, work bench areas, slatwall for hanging all kinds of items (gardening, cleaning and sports equipment, for example), overhead racks, flooring and more.   Pricing for a garage storage system can vary from a few hundred dollars for a couple of sections of simple shelving, all the way up to $20,000 or more for the ultimate man-cave, Nascar-style garage.

In all storage and cabinetry projects, some basic cost drivers are depth, height, and design details (drawers, doors, etc.).  Do you require simply some 12” deep open shelving, or something deeper and covered with doors?  Is 84” (7 feet) tall enough, or do you need to go to the ceiling with a 10’ tall system.  Deeper and taller is more expensive than narrower and shorter, or course.  And covering every shelf section with doors will almost double the price of the system.  Also, drawers can run $100 each or much more, depending on the cabinetry. It’s all a matter of what you require in a garage organization system.

A common custom garage storage project might have covered cabinetry that is 10’ wide, 8’ tall and 18” or 24” deep, deep cabinetry, with a work bench area, and a few drawers.  Add to that a couple areas of slatwall that are around 70-100 square feet each, and an overhead rack or two.  A project like this, installed and tax included will be in the range of $3000 – $6000 depending on the depth, height and actual design details of the job.  If it’s a 2-car garage and epoxy flooring is desired, add about $2000 to that. For some more examples check out our Custom Garage Costs Case Study.

How does the garage storage system design process work?2023-07-26T05:13:04-05:00

Garage 1The best companies make garage storage design a collaborative process. You want to work with a company that makes your garage organization needs a priority and communicates with you throughout the entire process to make sure your needs are met.

A collaborative garage design process usually begins with a design appointment. Call or fill out a form online to set up the meeting. A designer will come to your home, measure the space, take inventory of your garage and talk to you about what you would like to see. Do you need slatwall and cabinetry? Do you have room for overhead racks? What do you have to have to solve your garage organization problems? Only after assessing the space and taking your requirements into account should the design begin.

The designer may design and price your garage storage system right then and there or they might set up a follow up appointment to review the design at a later date. This part may vary based on the company or even the individual designer. No matter what, you should be an active part in the design process and be vocal about any changes you would like to see. The designers are the storage experts, but you are the “you” expert, and it’s your space after all!

Once you review and approve the garage storage design, then you will sign off on the drawings and schedule an installation date. Most installations can be completed in a day. Although if you opt for an epoxy coated garage floor, that will take a few days by itself, with the storage system to follow about 2-4 weeks after approving the final garage design. The entire process from design appointment through installation could take as little as a few days, or as long as 4-6 weeks depending on your schedule and the company’s availability at the time.

What garage slatwall accessories are available?2023-07-26T06:19:31-05:00

SlatwallGarages often include an odd assortment of items, meaning that garage organization has to be versatile. Because of this, there are a number of accessories available for garage slatwall systems. From basic shelving to sport-specific baskets, there is an accessory for almost everything.

Basic wire baskets can be used for a number of items including gardening supplies, hardware, paint supplies and more. More specialized baskets are available for golf, tennis, and biking supplies. A number of hooks in different shapes and sizes can be used to hold brooms, mops, rakes, ladders and more. There are also specialized accessories like paper towel holders, fishing racks and tool racks. To get a better idea of what accessories are available for garage slatwall systems, take a look at these photos of Garage Slatwall Accessories.

What are garage organization systems made of?2023-07-26T06:15:53-05:00

Picture2Garage cabinets are almost always going to be made from laminate materials, such as melamine or thermofoil, and are able to weather the changing conditions that can be found in the garage more so than a system made of wood. For customers wanting to create the look of a high end auto shop, high gloss laminate is available to add shine and color to the doors and drawers of garage cabinetry.

Complementary additions to garage cabinets are overhead racks and slatwall. Overhead racks are mounted from the ceiling with steel arms and a steel, grated shelf. Slatwall is made from super-durable PVC plastic, with accessories made from a number of different materials.

Some customers finish off their garage with special flooring that offers a no slip, stain resistant surface. The flooring undergoes a 4 stage process to assure its durability. This includes treating the concrete, coating with industrial grade epoxy, and then applying colored chips to provide texture. A clear coat seals the layers together and completes the process.

One or all of these aspects can be used to create the perfect garage organization system for your home. Take a look at our Garage Storage Gallery to see how others have combined and utilized these features! These materials are made to last, so don’t settle for anything less than a lifetime warranty (at least 5 years for flooring) from the company that designs and builds your system.

What are the most popular garage slatwall accessories?2023-07-26T06:17:52-05:00

22 Presto Slat onlySlatwall is the most versatile aspect of garage organization. There are endless combinations of accessories to be utilized! Slatwall fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at this breakdown of things that might be found in a garage and the most popular accessories for storing them.

For the family of sports enthusiasts, there are a number of sport-specific accessories available. There are baskets and hooks made to store gear for tennis, biking, golf, fishing and more. There are also more generic options that include the large sports rack & basket which can hold a number of different balls, gloves, bats and more. Similarly, a ball net is available to keep things from rolling under cars and cabinets.

To store household cleaning supplies, there are hooks in varying shapes and sizes. Simple hooks are available in different lengths and are perfect for holding brooms, mops and most anything else. They are lightweight, yet strong and easy to move. More specialized hooks, like the J-hook, S-hook, Double Hook and loop hook are great to hold item that are larger or lack a loop for hanging.

If there’s handy-work to be done outdoors or in the garage itself, there are excellent options to hold tools and other equipment. The tool rack is great for easy access to screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and more. A paper towel holder keeps your towels in easy reach for spills. Hanging baskets are great for storing gardening supplies. There’s also sturdy shelves for paint cans, tool boxes and other larger items.

Take a look at these accessories in-use in our gallery to get an idea of what you may want to use in your garage.

How does the closet design process work?2023-07-26T05:12:25-05:00

17 new showroom picThe closet design process should be a collaborative one. You want to work with a closet company that makes your wants and needs top priority.

A collaborative closet design process usually begins with a design appointment. Call or fill out a form online to set up the appointment. A designer will come to your home, measure the space, take inventory of your closet and talk to you about what you would like to see in your closet. Only after taking your requirements into account should the design begin.

The designer may design and price your custom closet right then and there or they might set up a follow up appointment to review the design at a later date. This part may vary based on the company or even the individual designer. No matter what, you should be an active part in the design process and vocal about any changes you would like to see. The designers are the closet experts, but you are the “you” expert, and it’s your closet after all!

Once you review and approve the closet design, then you will sign off on the drawings and schedule an installation date. Most installations can be completed in a day, about 2-4 weeks after approving the final closet design. The entire process from design appointment through installation could take as little as a few days, or as long as 4-6 weeks depending on your schedule and the company’s availability at the time.

How much does a custom closet typically cost?2023-07-26T06:08:38-05:00

SONY DSCCustom closet costs vary all over the board based on the choices made in the design and customization process. These factors include overall design, height and depth, accessories, finishes and styles. In the last paragraph, we will give you some pricing for typical closets, but an exact quote cannot be prepared without knowing the requirements and seeing the space to be used.

Do you plan to keep it simple with just hanging space and some shelves? Or does your custom closet need some more extensive storage with drawers, cabinet doors and slanted shoe shelves?  Are you trying to maximize 10’ of height with hydraulic pulldown rods, or is standard 7’ tall sufficient? These are the design questions that need to be answered before a serious cost estimate can be made. Of course, the more materials used, the more money spent. Deeper shelving will of course be more expensive than shallow. Taller units will always cost more than shorter ones.

With a custom closet, there are accessories and finishes to consider as well. Do you need jewelry drawers, a bench, a hamper, a tall cabinet just for ties and belts, or under cabinet lighting? These are some of the accessories offered, with prices ranging from $50 to over $200. Like accessories, the prices of the finishes vary as well. The least expensive finishes are usually a white or an almond shade in a laminate. Wood grain laminate and stained woods are also an option, with real wood being the most expensive. You can add moulding, granite countertops, glass front doors and more to create a high-end look. Obviously, the more fancy and exotic the materials and choice of finish and style, the more expensive the closet will become.  You can triple the price of a custom closet without changing the design one bit by opting for a higher-end look.


Now here are some custom closet cost numbers. Typical white or almond laminate closets run in the area of $125/linear foot. For example, a 6 x 6 small walk-in has 18 linear feet (LF) and an approximate price tag for a “typical” design is $2250, installed and tax included.  Now changing the finish and style, adding crown moulding and a few other things could easily double the price.  An average walk in that is 13 x 7 has 33 LF and an approximate price tag for a “typical” design is $4125, installed and tax included.  Make it fancy, and it could easily get up to $7-8K or more. To get some more examples, take a look at our Custom Closet Costs Case Study.

How deep should shelves be?2023-07-26T05:11:48-05:00

How deep should shelves be?

closets depthsCloset shelves are NOT one size fits all. Ideally, they should be a variety of depths based on what each section needs to store. Builders commonly put in shelving that is 11 ¼” deep. This default measurement doesn’t work for all sections of a closet and certainly won’t fit every homeowner’s storage needs.

Custom closet designs typically allocate 12” for hanging sections and shoe shelves. Hanging rods are mounted near the front of these sections, extending 11” from the wall and allowing ample space for clothes to hang. Some people prefer to have their closet shelves extend all the way over clothing. In this case the shelf would need to be 24” deep.

Closet shelves can house things like folded clothing, linens, shoes and purses. Clothing, linens and purses require deeper shelves that measure between 14” and 16.” Just be careful not to make shelves too deep. Things can get hidden behind each other and lead to limited visibility and a frustrating hunt for those concealed possessions. When it comes to shoe shelves a 12” depth works perfectly, though some larger shoe sizes may require a little more room. When in doubt, measure the length of your shoes to get a perfect fit.

Like a good suit, shelving needs to be custom fitted to your exact liking and needs. One size does NOT fit all – there is no standard shelf measurement will guarantee efficient and effective closet storage for your various hanging clothes, folded clothes, purses, shoes and other storage.

What materials are custom closets made of?2023-07-26T06:25:33-05:00

Melamine ClosetThe majority of custom closets are made from laminate systems – but not the laminate of yesteryear that plagued kitchen counters in the 70s and 80s. Laminate finishes have come a long way, providing an assortment of colors and wood grain finishes that are easily blended into today’s home. There is still nothing like the look of real wood, and customers who prefer that can choose between real wood fronts or wood veneers.

Melamine is by far the most common laminate material used in custom closets. Companies like SpaceMan Home & Office, California Closets and Closet Factory all use this in their storage systems. It is a thin layer of paper that is applied to particle board using a heat-based processed. This process makes the material very durable, scratch resistant and water resistant.

Thermofoil is a laminate used for profiled doors and drawers, like raised panel and shaker style. The thicker vinyl material is heated and stretched to perfectly shape to the profile of the piece. It is a more expensive choice than melamine fronts, but less expensive than the real wood options.

When a company says that a custom closet is made with “real wood” it does not mean that every piece is a solid piece of wood. It usually means that a system has real wood fronts on the drawers and doors or the closet system is made from a wood veneer. A system simply can’t be made of solid wood because it doesn’t come in the sizes necessary. Also, the grain within the wood warps and twists as it gets longer. With a wood veneer, a very thin layer of wood is applied to a substrate. This way, every inch of the surfaces is covered in wood, without the warping challenges that solid wood might present.

To get an idea of what the different colors or styles might look like, take a look at our Trim & Style Photo Gallery.

Why choose a laminate closet over a wire closet?2023-07-26T05:10:29-05:00

SONY DSCA new closet means an end to cluttered chaos and the opportunity to create your dream closet.  For years it’s been clothes that don’t fit quite right, not enough storage for shoes, jewelry tangled up in a small box, ties everywhere, and more storage nightmares. A simple re-organization of your closet might be enough, but sometimes that dream closet means starting from scratch.

Economically, going to Home Depot and purchasing a pre-made wire closet system may seem like the best option. These systems are marketed as cheap, durable and flexible, and they may offer some relief from the chaos and clutter in the short run. However, life is unpredictable and needs tend to change.

Their ‘flexibility’ claim pertains to their ability to fit into closets that are different sizes, but they are not necessarily easy to change out and rearrange. Things like adding shelves, adjusting shelf height, moving the hanging rods and adding accessories are not easy tasks with these systems. Flexibility of the system is lost after the initial installation.

For a more long term solution to storage problems, laminate systems might work better. They are just as durable as a wire system, if not more. They offer more flexibility in the long run, with movable shelves and rods. Shelves can be added or taken away with storage needs, heights adjusted, drawers and accessories added. Other added benefits include that they’re easier to clean and provide better protection for your clothes from dust.

Most, if not all, custom closet makers use laminate systems. The BEST storage solution would be to hire one of these closet professionals to design and build your custom closet. It may cost more than a pre-packaged system, but the benefits have unlimited value.

To get a better idea of the materials professionals use when creating custom closets, check out our post What materials are custom closets made from.

What is the difference between a Wall Hung and Floor Mounted system?2023-07-26T05:09:56-05:00

Floor Mounted vs Wall HungThere are a few types of systems to consider when creating your custom closet: wall hung closets, floor mounted closets, or a combination of the two. All of these options should provide you with the storage you need, but one might suit your needs better than another.

Wall hung closet systems attach to the wall using a steel rail that is secured at the studs. These systems do not extend to the floor. Because these systems ‘float’ above the floor, cleaning or changing out flooring are much easier with this type of closet.

If you do choose a wall hung closet, make sure that the company you purchase from offers a warranty. If any of the panels break or become detached from the wall, they should be repaired at no cost to you. This rarely happens, and wall hung systems work quite well. But you want to be protected just in case.

Floor mounted closets sit on the floor and are attached to the wall with brackets to assure that the units can’t be pulled forward. Because these systems go all the way to the floor, installation may require the removal of base trim in certain spots, or in some cases, entirely. Because of the extra support of the floor, there are structural advantages of this type of system. These include the possibility for deeper shelving and the ability to hold more weight.

Some of the aesthetic perks of a floor mounted closet include their flexibility and overall look. Since the side panels extend all the way to the floor, customers can add or edit shelves, doors and drawers. There’s also more flexibility in the overall style of the system with options for adding more extensive doors and moulding. The installation style also gives it the sophisticated look of built-in furniture.

It’s not uncommon to see a combination of these two systems, with some sections wall-hanging and some floor mounted. Take a look at this gallery of custom closets and see if you can spot each type of closet.

What are the most popular custom closet accessories?2023-07-26T06:16:59-05:00

Creating the perfect custom closet is all in the details, and a closet is much more than just your hanging clothes. You must consider jewelry, ties, belts, laundry, folded clothing and more. To make the most out of your closet space, it’s important to utilize the available accessories.

Dbl Jewelry DrawerIf you have a lot of jewelry to store there’s the double jewelry drawer or double jewelry inserts. With both of these accessories, acrylic dividers separate each piece of jewelry into its own section to prevent tangling, and allowing each piece to be seen. With the double jewelry drawer, the top layer of jewelry slides over the bottom layer, doubling the amount of storage and making for a sleek look and feel. With the inserts, you are able to lift out the top section to give full visibility to the bottom tier. Both options are very popular.

To store belts, you might need apull out belt rack. A lot of custom closets are made with these. Belts can be difficult to store, often sticking out of random nooks in a closet. With the slide out racks, you can hang belts along the side of a closet panel and roll them out only when you need to take a look.

For your vast collection of ties or scarves, the pull out tie rack is a great space saver. This accessory works like the belt rack, sliding out and into view only when necessary. It also is versatile, able to be used for not only ties, but also scarves and necklaces too!

Tilt Out HamperGetting your laundry off the floor can be accomplished with a tilt out laundry hamper, pull out laundry hamper, or chrome baskets. Both the tilt out laundry hamper and the pull out laundry hamper come with two removable laundry bags to separate and carry laundry out of the closet and to the washing machine. The tilt out hamper hides behind cabinetry and the pull out slides out from underneath shelving. They both have the same functionality, but different looks. Chrome baskets are mainly used for storage but they also double as laundry baskets.

To divide and conquer clutter, think about adding an acrylic hosiery divider, drawer dividers, or acrylic shelf dividers. The acrylic drawer divider separates the drawer into six sections to keep like things together. There are also single panel drawer dividers that can divide drawers into two or three sections. Shelf dividers sit vertically atop the shelf and are easily adjustable.

To see some of these accessories and others, take a look at our closet accessory gallery.

What kind of custom closet can I get for under $10002023-07-26T06:24:40-05:00

Custom closet companies should be able to work within a realistic budget. To give you an idea of what you would be able to get for a smaller price tag, take a look at these three examples of closets under $1,000.

Closets Under 1000

A small linen closet or coat closet (pictured left) can start around $200 to $400 dollars. This particular design is just under $400 and includes about 4 ½ feet of storage space. This is a great alternative to common coat closets, which often have only hanging space even though much more than coats are stored there.

A child’s or guest room reach-in closet (pictured center) can start at about $500. The drawers, chrome baskets and antique white finish of the closet pictured bring the price in at just above $1,000. Choosing a white or almond finish and trading in the drawers for more shelving brings the pricing down

To get a walk in closet (pictured right) under budget, focus on hanging space and shelving. Adding drawers and other accessories can easily add on to the price. This unit has a good amount of hanging space and a small section of shelving. The system pictured comes in at $725.

To get a more in-depth look at pricing, take a look at our Custom Closet Cost Case Studies.

What is the best way to utilize closet corners?2023-07-26T06:21:29-05:00

Closet Corners

closet cornersCloset corners, when not done correctly, can create huge amounts of wasted space. It’s very common to see hanging rods installed in a crisscross fashion, making the corner completely unusable. If you are able to get clothes hanging all the way into the corner, they become impossible to access. This is the most common, and yet easily avoided mistake of closet design!

Avoid this mistake from the beginning. If you’re able to have a say in how your closet is designed, make sure that this situation is prevented. The best way to utilize closet corners is to only have one hanging section run all the way into the corner. On the adjacent wall, something other than hanging that is less deep should begin 24” off that corner. This will give you ample access to your hanging clothes.

Learn how to avoid other closet organization blunders with our list of the Top 10 Closet Organizing Mistakes.

What Garage Storage Options are available?2023-07-26T06:20:11-05:00

Watkins 9-3-2014 (3)

Getting the garage clutter under control can be one of the most satisfying organization ventures. Finally parking the car in the garage can be a reality with the help of some custom storage. Cabinets, shelving, overhead racks and slatwall can all help.

Slatwall is one of the most versatile aspects of garage organization. Different accessories can be easily taken down, added, and adjusted to change with different garage storage needs. The accessories include pieces for storing everything from tools to gardening supplies to sports equipment. For smaller garages, a section of slatwall may be the best way to get some added storage.

Adding cabinetry provides a cover from dust and outside elements while giving the garage a clean, finished look. With a custom system, customers can create a combination of cabinetry with open shelving and even work bench. Adding locks to cabinet doors can keep dangerous equipment or chemicals out of the reach of little ones. With custom cabinetry, there are endless possibilities.

For holiday decorations or other seldom used objects, overhead racks are a good option. Bins full of Christmas lights or Thanksgiving cornucopias can now be stored on durable metal shelving for the 11 months of the year they’re not being used.

A custom combination of these storage solutions could be the key to getting your garage in order. Get ideas here, with our gallery of custom garage storage creations.

What information should I bring for my custom closet?2023-07-26T06:20:54-05:00

The most important part in creating a custom closet is YOU! Being available to answer any questions the designer might have is vital to creating the perfect space. The designer should have access to the space itself and may want to take a peek at the items you plan to try and fit in it.

A custom closet cannot be built based off an approximation. There are also electrical outlets, air vents and other obstacles that need to be noted in order to build the best system for you. The designer needs to take measurements in person in order to get everything just right.

Ideally, the designer would be able to take detailed inventory of your possessions. Based on how many shoes you have, the designer can figure out how many feet of shelving you’ll need to store them. Your ties, belts and scarves let them know if you’ll need tie or belt racks, and how many. Will one slide out tie rack do? Or will you need a custom creation to hold your extensive tie collection? This type of information is critical to make a custom closet perfect for you.

And of course, your ideas and personal touches are the most important pieces of the puzzle. From choosing the color and style to placing the tie and belt racks, these ideas and preferences make it a truly YOUR custom closet Know what is most important to you and be sure to express that to your designer.

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