Give Your Neighbors Garage Envy 

Garages can be tricky areas, they often can be used as a catch-all for everything that can’t fit in your home. Sometimes that leads to them being a totally disorganized area to where you can barely bark your car properly or sometime walk around! So what is really stopping you from giving your garage a makeover by installing custom garage cabinets and giving your neighbors garage envy? 

 Here are a few reasons we have heard as to why people do not have garage storage systems installed in their Garages:


  • Too much stuff. 
  • Not enough time. 
  • Not sure where to start. 
  • Not in the budget. 
  • I can do it myself. 

At SpaceManager Closets, we’re more than just closets and as industry leaders, we like to educate our readers on all types of helpful things. We design, manufacture and install custom organizational and storage solutions for your garage, closets, pantries, entertainment centers and more. In this article, we’ve offered the essential things to look for when purchasing custom garage storage and organizing solutions. 

By the time you finish reading this, you should have a better idea as to whether a custom built storage system is right for you and your family and some possible storage solutions to fit your needs. 


How to Create that Garage Envy? 

Declutter. We know that saying to declutter is always easier said than done but trust us. Decluttering your garage of the catch-all things that you have collected over the years that you don’t use or even need, will automatically give you more space.  

Workbench. Stop bending down on your garage floor for projects. Add a workbench to your garage and give your back a rest. A workbench will provide you with a designated area to work and will also keep your projects organize versus scattered all over the garage floor.

Overhead Storage Racks. There is no need for your holiday boxes and crates to be in constant eyesight in your garage. Store items that you need but hardly ever use in a heavy duty Overhead Storage and forget about it until you need it. 

Epoxy Flooring. Increase the value of your home with Epoxy Flooring, adding a touch is beauty to your garage. This flooring is ADA compliant and skid resistant and can last for 5-10 years in most cases. 

Storage. Work with your inventory. Working with a cabinetry specialist, ensures that your inventory will fit into it. Having custom cabinetry that was made specifically for your space and needs will make your storage and organization a piece of cake. Those plain racks that anybody can get from a brick and mortar, just won’t cut it.

Slatwall. Slatwall is multipurpose and comes in a variety of colors to blend in with your ecstatic. Your slatwall and accessories can hold numerous of things like golf clubs, fishing poles, tools, brooms, mops, shoes, baskets, bikes and more. 


Let’s be honest, deep-down you want your garage to represent you as it is an extension of your home. Think of what your garage goals are and let us know how we can help.