New Year, New You – Focus on Resolution To Get Organized in 2019

Get in shape.  Work out more.  6-pack abs.  20 minutes of cardio every day.  Most everyone has a fitness New Year’s resolution to go along with their renewed commitment to GET ORGANIZED!  Here at SpaceMan, while we don’t know too much about toning your body, we do have tips to help you get organized, leaving you more time and less stressed so you can focus on your fitness goals.

Where to start and where NOT to start in your home…

Don’t start with a huge project that will take you weeks to complete.  This will kill your momentum and motivation faster than you can imagine. Start with a small project or area in your house that you can tackle fairly quickly and easily.

Get organized

A series of small successes will make you feel good and keep you motivated to do more.  Ideas for where to start:

– One storage drawer in your kitchen or home office

– One shelf in your closet.

– One rack of clothing in your closet.

– One shelf in your pantry.

– One drawer or one shelf in your garage.

These tasks may not seem like much, and organizing the entire kitchen or closet or garage may be your ultimate goal.  But you are not likely to do it all in one day.  Doing a little at a time will get you to your goal without burning you out in the process.

Purge first, organize second

Most of the items in your home that create clutter aren’t large, expensive items that you struggle to make decisions about.  It’s the little items that have become such a part of the landscape of your home that you don’t see them anymore; they’re invisible and all you see when you open the cabinets and drawers are the items you are looking for.

Get Organized

Examples of smaller items:

– Old socks you’ll never wear again.

– T-shirts from events 10 years ago.

– Cheap vases from the florist

– Cheap baskets from the gift baskets you got at the holidays

– Old paint in the garage from the previous homeowner

– Cables and cords to electronics you don’t own anymore

Before you go and spend money on organizing tools and products, purge what you don’t need/want.  Until you know what you are going to keep, you won’t know how much or what kind of organizing tools you will need

Once purged, the organization is the easy (and fun) part.  Most likely, you’ll now have so much room, it will be easy to group like things together and put the most commonly used things in the most accessible spots.  If you want to take your organized life to another level, ask SpaceMan to design a closet, pantry, garage, Murphy bed or home office cabinets system for you.  Call today to schedule an appointment and let us help you keep your resolution to be organized in 2019!
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