How Much Does a Custom Closet Cost?

Custom closet and custom storage systems come in shapes, sizes and styles to suit any budget.  The best way to give you an idea of what it would cost to get your dream closet, garage, Murphy bed or home office done by SpaceManager is to give you some actual case studies.

Custom Closet Case Study 1

This fairly large walk-in almond closet has all the basic requirements covered, and then some! 2 stacks of large drawers, 2 sections of shoe shelves for approx 100 pair of shoes, a bench to sit and put those shoes on, lots of hanging spaces, and even a tilt-out hamper, tie rack and valet rod.

This closet is priced at $3685 as shown (installation always included). With fewer drawers and less add-ons (shoe bench, hamper, accessories), the price would be lower. If you took this closet and added raised panel drawer fronts and doors, crown molding and also changed the finish to a woodgrain laminate, of course it would raise the price.

Custom Closet Case Study 2

This mid-sized walk-in is outfitted in a basic mocha closet system, ready to supply all the organization you need with few of the upgraded bells and whistles. Shoe shelves, deeper shelves for folded clothing, and lots of double and long-hanging.

This closet is priced at $1435 as shown (installation always included). If done in white, it’s only $1305. You could easily add drawers to this closet for only a few hundred more!

Custom Closet Case Study 3

This long narrow almond closet belongs to a professional organizer – can’t you tell! Not only are there places for all the clothing and approximately 120 pair of shoes, but even the photo albums and labeled memorabilia boxes have a home in this closet.

This closet is priced at $2495 as shown (installation always included). In a woodgrain finish, it would be $2745. Of course you could add more decorative drawer fronts, crown or base moulding at additional cost.

Custom Closet Case Study 4

This spectacular traditional styled dressing room has everything! Tons of drawers, raised panel drawer fronts and doors, slanted and flat shoe shelves for about 80 pair of shoes, room for dozens of purses and shoulder bags, granite tops, crown molding, hamper and accessories. Even room for a large ottoman in the middle!

This closet is priced at $6850 as shown (installation always included). The same exact design, with all the same functionality, in a clean white laminate finish would be $4540.

Custom Closet Case Study 5

This large 15’ x 9’ dressing room is done a simple white laminate finish, but has all the design elements of a very hi-end closet. A system built “to the floor” with bottom shelves and base molding. 3 stacks of large 24” deep drawers, with covered cabinets above. A deep covered cabinet for bulk storage. Shoe shelves located above the medium and long hanging, but still with capacity for over 100 pair.

This closet is priced at $6550 as shown (installation always included).


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