Garage Floor

Our decorative flooring coating is designed to provide a terrazzo-granite look to residential or commercial floors at a fraction of the cost of real stone (see our photo gallery). Our flooring coating is available in many floor coating colors and styles to compliment any decor, while providing a low maintenance slip-resistant surface with excellent resistance to staining, impact, and abrasion. The high performance components used in our coating is offer proven, time tested technology to provide a durable floor that will last indefinitely with very little maintenance.

In residential applications this system is ideal for use as a garage floor, instantly transforming that large neglected ‘room’ into a source of pride, not embarrassment. The home stays cleaner too, because the concrete is now sealed and can no longer ‘dust’ and be tracked into the home or work place. Gone too are the surface cracks, staining and other annoyances associated with plain concrete. The coating is applied vertically as well as horizontally, so there is no plain concrete visible anywhere.

The Process

Our garage floors undergo a 4-stage process to ensure long lasting durability and beautiful garage bliss.  First the floor is “roughed up” with a machine, so the concrete will accept the epoxy with the best possible bond.  Then a coat of industrial-grade epoxy is applied.  While the epoxy is still tacky, the colored chips are laid down to provide the texture that ensures the safe, no-slip surface. The following day, the crew returns to gently remove any color chips that did not adhere to the epoxy.  And finally a clear-coat is applied to seal the floor and bond the layers together.

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