How Messy is a Closet Install?

The construction and installation process for a custom closet in your home can sometimes be a bit messy. If you have a system in place already, that will need to be taken down and a new closet system built in its place, things can get a little chaotic. The tear-out of an existing closet can sometimes be messy but if you have the right company working for you, they should clean up all of the mess after the installation is complete.

At SpaceManager Closets, we design, manufacture and install custom closets, but we like to educate our readers about all types of closets and organizing solutions. In this article, we’ve offered the essential things to look for when purchasing custom organizing solutions. By the time you finish reading this, you should have a better idea as to whether a custom-built storage system is right for you and your family and how messy installation can be.

How messy is a custom closet install?What do you have to do to get your space ready for a new installation?

Prepping for a closet installation does take a little bit of work on your part. Make sure you read any and all paperwork and email communications that you receive regarding your closet system. This is one of those cases where it is very important that you read the fine print. You will have to take all of your belongings out of your closet; this could also be a great time to declutter and organize as well. Some people prefer to have their clothes on a hanging rack while others are okay with moving them to another room. We suggest that you move all of your belongings into another room to protect them from any dust particles that may fly on them from the construction.

Make sure you secure any pets while your new closet space is being worked on. We would hate for anything to happen to your pet, and it is always best to be safe than sorry. Lastly, be patient. We know, your dream closet is finally being built and you couldn’t be more excited. But standing over the installer’s shoulders won’t make them go fast and might actually make them a little nervous. It’s totally okay to check on them but to just sit in the closet with them while they are hammering into the walls and leveling, will just have you in the way of progress.

Here are a few things to ask companies in order to have a less chaotic closet installation:

  1. Ensure that the closet company sets clear expectations of what you need to do in advance.
  2. Ask if they provide wall prep or tear down of your current system and what that will include?
  3. How does the company protect your flooring and other belongings?
  4. Does the company paint your walls after the tear down to ensure there is a nice clean slate for the new closet to be installed on?
  5. Ask if they take all trash and other construction materials with them to dispose of.
  6. Do they vacuum in and around the install space?
  7. Do they clean your new system, and will it be ready for use after installation or will there be work to do before you put your items back in?

We strongly suggest you do thorough research before choosing the company you’d like to work with. Take your time and read the reviews on all the popular review platforms e.g. Google, Yelp, Houzz, etc. and ask the company if they can provide references. Sites like Houzz, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor are all great resources to check out as they feature real customer reviews, photos of customer projects and helpful articles.

While closet installations do vary, we hope that these tips help in your selection and ease in the installation process.