How much does a custom closet cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is – How much does a custom closet cost? This question is understandable – with any home improvement,  it is very important to know if a project is going to fit their budget. We can honestly say that a custom closet can meet your budget – almost any budget. The actual cost you end up spending will vary depending on the type of custom closet you are constructing.

Custom reach-In closet costs

Reach-in closets are commonly found in secondary bedrooms and hallways. The cost of a custom reach-in closet will typically range from $600 to $2,500 depending on the size of the closet, the design and the upgrade options that are chosen. The simplest construction includes a wall hung system with rods for hanging clothes and shelving. A more elaborate would be a floor standing system that includes drawers, doors select accessories.  With a good design and the right amount of space, you can make your reach-in almost as functional as a walk-in.

Custom walk-in closets costs

Addition of more accessories, trim choices, and the size of the will increase costs.

Walk-in closets are most very common feature in master bedrooms due to their size, versatility and general design and typically they are built off a bedroom or bathroom. Their size and versatility allow for the addition of features such as center island or dressing area. You will want a walk-in closet to be at least is at least 6 feet wide, this will allow for storage sections on both sides of the closet. You will also need to consider the corners and angles for optimal utilization.

Most average sized walk in closets will start at around $2,000 for a basic design and typically range up to around $5,000 for the system with most people spending around $3,500. Extra features including hampers, doors, drawers, lighting, and accessories coupled with elaborate designs can bump up prices. Exceptionally large closets with a lot of features can cost upwards of $10,000.

See our article on custom closet costs and pricing guidelines for some examples of closets and their costs.