Carpe Diem! Organization – one space at a time

With all of the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, the best place is for you to be is at home. But being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a waste. Yes, the kids are out of school and you are attempting to work from home but there is still so much that can be done.

Carpe Diem people. Let’s make the most out of these very unpredictable times by tackling your running to-do list and we have some ideas to help.

Grab a Good Book

With this new found time on your hands, now is the perfect time to grab a good book. Learn a new skill or just read for pleasure as the possibilities are endless, especially with Audible. With Audible, you can continue to move around your home while listening to a good book that are most likely voiced by the author.

Work Out

Working out at home is not a new concept but with gyms closed, you have to get a little creative. Go for a walk or run around your neighborhood but remember to social distance from the next person who is trying to stay fit as well. Check out different work out videos and styles by just searching the internet.

Deep Clean Your Home

Start off this Shelter in Place order by giving your home the good deep cleaning that it deserves. We have a checklist below to help guide you so that you don’t miss a thing.

So you’ve smashed your to-do list out of the park and now you see all of the new space that you never knew you had. This is the perfect time for you to start researching your dream organizational solution to make your home a bit more functional but custom to you and your space. Picture your dream closet with glass doors, double jewelry drawers, shoe shelving and LED lighting. Imagine walking into your once cluttered garage that now has floor-to-ceiling slat wall with accessories to store all of the items neatly and organized with custom storage cabinets and epoxy flooring.

All of these things are possible even with the Shelter in Place order. We can help. Request a free design consultation through our website at Fill out the form letting us know what space you are looking to upgrade and we will contact you shortly. While our design consultations are normally in person at the clients home, to practice social distancing and for your safety and our employees, we are offering virtual appointments.

A virtual appointment will pair you with a designer who will answer any questions you may have and it will also give us a clear understanding of what you are looking for with your space.