Murphy Beds

Can’t afford a bigger place? You CAN afford more space! Murphy Beds (also called Wall Beds) are back and better than ever!

What is a Murphy or Wall Bed?

A murphy bed, sometimes called a wall bed, is a popular addition to most homes to help make more space for the things that matter. A murphy or wall bed is a hinged bed that can be stored horizontally or vertically along a wall or inside furniture. A murphy bed fits snugly into a custom storage space when you’re not using it, allowing you to use that floor space for something else. Imagine having a room that’s a guest room when you need it, and when you don’t you can use it as an office or a den. Or having extra storage space in your living room that houses an extra bed for when you need it.

It can be like adding and additional room in less than a day… at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle. Wall Beds by SpaceManager are the affordable way to turn a bedroom into a room that is also a playroom or study or hobby room. Starting around $1800 including mattress and installation, they are available in twin, full, or queen size.

Murphy beds tend to come in two forms, the original vertical tilt wall bed remains the most popular but the side tilt system is beginning to gain popularity as well. Typically, murphy beds are folded into built in cupboards that house and hide them while providing additional décor to the room.  Side tilt Murphy beds have hinges along one side of the bed, and are stored horizontally on the wall. Choose whichever makes more sense for your space. Both kinds are very easy to raise and lower: spring-loaded frames are designed to make the process effortless.

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