5 Ways To Revamp Your Home Office

Even though 2020 is over, the pandemic is still looming over our heads in 2021. COVID-19 numbers continue to rise all over the nation and especially in Houston. With the spike in cases, most employers are taking their employees out of the office and requiring them to work from home once again. A majority of employees are frustrated having to return back to their homes especially since their home office spaces are seriously lacking the comforts of their typical office space. At SpaceManager Closets, we understand those frustrations and are here to help. Let’s take a deeper look at how we can help and what amenities we have to offer to make your work from home experience more manageable.


  1. Custom Built-Ins
    • The one thing that most offices have that our home offices lack is storage. Prior to the pandemic, our home offices were used on a as needed basis and to pay bills. Now we are having to store important work documents, printers, monitors, phones, and anything else that you use in your daily office setting.
    • We pride ourselves in providing top of the line custom storage units for your office space that can make your daily work environment 100% better. We can create built-in upper and lower cabinets, drawer units, filing systems, bookshelves, and shelving systems that will not only add function to your space but will also look beautiful.
  2. Ergonomic Upgrades
    • Well thought out ergonomics are essential when working from home. While you may not have the luxury of a fancy ergonomic chair and desk setups at home, at SpaceManager we can assist you with systems that can benefit your body and your work. We can make sure we create the perfect desk unit that is setup perfectly for optimal body posture. With the perfect desk setup, you will be able to make sure your desktop screen is placed roughly at your eye level so you can refrain from slouching at your workstation.
  3. Lighting
    • To prevent irreversible eyestrain and to also make you look great during zoom calls – you’ll want a good lighting system in your home office space. We offer LED lighting trim for your desk and home office cabinets. For added lighting, try placing your home office setup near a window for natural lighting and possibly think about investing in a good task light for an added design flair.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing Backing Perfect for Video Conferencing
    • Custom-built home offices not only maximize your space, but they double as great backdrops for video conferencing. With our sleek and modern designs, you’ll amaze your clients with your dazzling work setting. Ask your SpaceManager designer about our custom finishes and textures that will match your professional work aesthetic.
  5. Versatile Power Supply Options
    • Nothing is more frustrating than not having anywhere to store all of your pesky wires and plugs. We offer several power options that will best suit your work from home needs. We offer discreet pop-up USB charging units, surge protectors, desktop power supply with USB port, and many more. Be sure to ask your designer to show you our offerings to complete your home office overhaul.


At SpaceManager Closets, we want to make your work from home experience as seamless as possible. Consider doing a home office revamp with us to make this time at home more joyous and enjoyable. We will work with you and your budget and provide options that best suit your needs. There is an option for everyone at SpaceManager Closets! To book your free in-home consultation, contact us by phone or click here.