Closet Organization Tips

So – How do you organization your closet efficiently and make it look presentable in the process?

Closet organization can be a difficult process without a plan. Take a look at SpaceManager’s steps to clearing out closet clutter.

1. Purge, purge, and purge again. Make room for what matters. Get a good idea of what needs the special storage and what is just a waste of valuable closet space. It may be time to call in a friend or a professional to help you get serious about the purging process. An objective opinion is a great tool to this step.

2. Sort Your Belongings. Hanging items should be sorted by length: extra-short-hang (shorts), short-hang (blouses, shirts), medium-hang (short dresses and pants hung full), and long-hang (long dresses, coats, robes). This method makes it easier to find a particular piece of clothing and looks nicer than when items are places randomly around the closet. For non-hanging items, sort by category: shoes, purses, folded clothing, etc. Keeping like items together is crucial for proper closet organization.

3. Make Adjustments. Do you need a jewelry box for all of those rings you’ve just kept scattered on a shelf? Do you want to make your closet look extra neat with all matching hangers? Do you need to add some more hanging rods? Whether these are things you can pick up at a home goods store, or if there are some things you may need to contact the pros for, having some helpful accessories can make a little extra room. However, DO NOT go in and try to purchase containers and bins and other storage products without a plan. Going in blind can be a costly mistake. You often need far less than you think.

4. Start Re-Hanging. Return your hanging items back to the closet, storing all your “extra-short-hang” together, all the “medium-hang” together, etc. Put the length you use most (probably short-hang) in the most convenient spot, and the length you use least (maybe long-hang) tucked back in the corner.

5. Return Non-Hanging Items. Place in drawers, shelves and shoe shelves if you have them. Shoes should ideally have their own shelving and not just be scattered on the closet floor. Belts and scarves work best when hanging, not placed on a shelf. Each item should have its place and should be completely visible and easily accessed.

Still not happy with the results? You may have committed one of these 10 Closet Organizing Mistakes. Also, you may have a closet that just does not work for you. If you do not have the correct mix of hanging spaces or the right amount of drawers and shoe shelves for your wardrobe, you should consider a custom closet organization system. A professional closet system is designed around your wardrobe and maximizes your space. It is installed usually in one day by professional installers, and the system is warrantied for life.