Don’t Forget the Kids! – Are Children’s Custom Closets Worth the Investment?

When you think of custom closets, normally, you imagine a large walk-in closet for you and your spouse. The thought of having complete organized bliss is what you look forward to when you imagine your dream home. When you imagine having all of your pants, party dresses, hats, scarves, handbags, and so much more all in one place it is simply amazing! Parents, what about the kids?! Custom closets can definitely be an investment in your home, and when you have kids, are closet systems worth it?

At SpaceManager Closets, we design children and teen closets with just as much care as we do for our adult spaces. We make sure to better understand your child’s natural behaviors and design their space accordingly to help them maintain organization for years to come. If you have been pondering on whether or not a children’s closet is right for you and your family, stop what you are doing and learn about why it is smart for you to invest in your child’s closet.

Before & After: Custom Closet for an 8 y/o child. Original closet only had 3 racks & shelves. New closet system includes drawers, shoe racks, cubbies, and more. This system will be able to grow with the child well into their teen years!

  1. Children & Teen Closets Make for Easier Morning Routines
    • The morning routine before school can be a challenge for even the most organized of families. Any parent of children, small or big, knows that in the mornings are unpredictable. Your child can misplace their homework, stain their school uniform, lose their shoes, the list goes on! Meanwhile, you are trying to make sure you have the things you need to get your day started. It’s simply a madhouse. No wonder so many of us adults live off coffee and energy bars to help get us through the day!
    • Just think, when your children have a custom storage solution in place for their items, much of the craziness of your morning can be avoided. With a new and organized closet system, your kids will be able to locate their clothes, shoes, and accessories with ease. You can add cabinetry, drawers, shoe racks, and so much more. Your children will never have to rummage through their closets again to locate their belongings.
  2. Custom Kids Closets Grow with Your Child
    • We often hear from parents that the main reason for not wanting a custom system for their kids is because what works for a child at four won’t work for them at 14. At SpaceManager, we agree with that statement completely, but the great news is that our systems can be designed to grow with your child. When your child begins to get taller, the hanging rods and other corresponding components can be adjusted and raised. If your child had baskets for toys when they were smaller and now, they want to replace the baskets with shoe racks we can make that happen. All of our systems are completely customizable and can be made to be adjusted.
    • We’ve been a long-established Houston business and one of the best things about our systems, compared to the others, is we keep your design file on hand. The number one thing our customers consistently compliment us on is our continued service to them. When you purchase a custom closet system from Spacemanager Closets, you have the ease of purchasing additional shelves, shoe racks, and other closet components post installation and as needed.

If you are interested in adding a custom closet for your child or even yourself, contact us today for your free in-home consultation with one of our trusted designers!