The most important part in creating a custom closet is YOU! Being available to answer any questions the designer might have is vital to creating the perfect space. The designer should have access to the space itself and may want to take a peek at the items you plan to try and fit in it.

A custom closet cannot be built based off an approximation. There are also electrical outlets, air vents and other obstacles that need to be noted in order to build the best system for you. The designer needs to take measurements in person in order to get everything just right.

Ideally, the designer would be able to take detailed inventory of your possessions. Based on how many shoes you have, the designer can figure out how many feet of shelving you’ll need to store them. Your ties, belts and scarves let them know if you’ll need tie or belt racks, and how many. Will one slide out tie rack do? Or will you need a custom creation to hold your extensive tie collection? This type of information is critical to make a custom closet perfect for you.

And of course, your ideas and personal touches are the most important pieces of the puzzle. From choosing the color and style to placing the tie and belt racks, these ideas and preferences make it a truly YOUR custom closet Know what is most important to you and be sure to express that to your designer.