How to Adjust your SpaceManager Closets System

Your new custom closet system from SpaceManager Closets has been installed for a while and you love it! Over time, you’ve realized that you would like to make a few adjustments. Nothing major, but you would like to add a new shelf here, change the shelf height there or even remove a shelf and add more hanging.

SpaceManager’s systems provide a wide degree of adjustability allowing you to constantly adjust your system to your needs. Our customers have told us some common reasons they want to adjust their systems over time:

a) The kids are growing, and their reach in closet needs more hanging and less shelving or vice versa.
b) You’re needs have changed over the years and you now need more long hang versus short hang or vice versa.
c) Lifestyle changes that make you change your clothes and therefore your custom closet needs (e.g. more time in the gym).
d) Family changes such as a family member leaving meaning a closet no longer needs to be shared. A wedding might mean a walk in closet may need to be shared.
e) Your organization needs may change and you may want to change a room’s function completely. It’s not uncommon for us to get request to change a home office to a closet or a closet to a home office or to convert a home office to a bedroom with a wall bed or vice versa.

With the adjustability of our systems, you can actually make most of these changes yourself. Major changes may require a call to SpaceManager to have this done professionally. Here are some easy step-by-step instructions that will allow you to customize your system yourself to fit your needs.

How to Move a Hang Rod:

On each end of the rod, you will notice rod cups.

Remove the bar from the cups by pushing firmly up on the bar.

Once the bar is removed, pull out the two rod cups and re-insert them at desired height. Be sure that both cups are the same level

How to Move an Adjustable Shelf:

Remove the shelf by lifting one end straight up about 2 inches and then lift it out.

Remove all four shelf pins and re-insert them at the desired height.

Replace shelf back onto the pins.

How to Move a Fixed Shelf:

On the shelf, you will see a plastic “cam” that has two holes in it – one square (next to the vertical panel) and one round. Using a Phillips head screwdriver and insert it into the round hole at a slight angle.

Unlock cam lock by making a quarter-turn counterclockwise. You will see a metal tooth in the square hole recessing itself back into the cam housing. Repeat this on the three other cams.

Lift shelf to release it.

Once shelf is removed, move the 4 screws in the side panels to the desired height.
• The shelf can then be re-installed and the locking cam mechanisms in all four corners re-tightened.