Working with your builder

So you are building your dream house – congratulations!

Now is the right time to design your perfect closet (or closets!).  Come to us early in the process, even before your architectural plans are finalized.  We can help you determine the optimal size and shape of the closet, and even the proper door location.

Your builder may be able to make your closet look very nice, but will it be perfect for YOUR needs, with all the state-of-the-art closet goodies?  We will come to your existing home to take a detailed inventory of your clothing and storage needs.  How many shoes, how many long dresses, how many purses, etc.  Are you right handed or left handed?  Do you like tall drawers or skinny ones?  We will meet in our showroom so you can choose from all the latest-and-greatest accessories (like acrylic double jewelry drawers).  Then we will design your new space to satisfy your every desire.  We will give you a price for SpaceManager to build the system, but the plans we provide you can be built by your builder or cabinet maker if you choose.

For new construction projects, we charge a modest design fee (usually between $300 and $1500, depending on size and complexity of the project).  If you choose SpaceManager to build the job, we will apply that design fee toward your overall project cost.  Your builder should have an allowance for your closets built into the overall pricing of your home construction.  You should discuss this with your builder in advance to avoid any surprises.


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