3 Effective Closet Space Management Techniques

Wouldn’t your life be easier if you opened your shirt drawer and didn’t have to get past the sloppy stacks of rarely worn shirts? Or the messily shoved in, unfolded, hole-ridden sweaters? Wouldn’t it be far more convenient to open your closet and be greeted by rows of neatly folded clothes that are color coordinated with seasonal-wear properly separated and sorted? Sorting your closet will help you deal with the corona virus uncertainty. Being stuck at home can get extremely challenging. Thus, here are 3 tips to help you manage your closet space effectively.

1. Store your most-used clothes on an eye-level. All the items you use/regularly wear, place them in the middle of your closet, so it becomes easy for you to grab the items early in the morning when running late for work. Doing this will also keep you from making a mess every time you are searching, in a rush, through your entire closet to look for your everyday jeans/pants.

Hang Rod

2. Make effective use of your vertical storage space. This storage space is often a weapon gone wasted. If used, this can be a game-changer to help you effectively manage your closet space. The vertical space includes walls, top shelves, and doors. The way you can utilize this space is by placing small hooks on the wall or by creating small DIY shelves that will hold your handbags or jewelry boxes.

Robe Hook

Use Hangers. Hanging clothes helps you skip the process of folding laundry. If you don’t have enough space to hang every T-shirt you own, hang the delicate items. Such items include dresses, skirts, lingerie, etc. Try making some space for things like suits, coats, and blazers. This will not only keep these from getting ruined but also make your closet look neat and tidy.

As Marie Kondosays, “Hang everything facing the same direction, with longer items on the left and shorter items on the right, so the bottom of your clothes creates an upward sloping line.” Taking Kondo’s advice will give your space a sense of alignment, which goes a long way in making you feel organized and on top of your game! You could also invest in custom closets that allow more hanging space to save yourself the time of installation of hooks. Custom closets allow you double and triple hanging sections of all sizes which will be very helpful when organizing closet according to the size of your clothes.

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Nevertheless, do not exhaust yourself. Cleaning up a closet can become exhausting and the thought of doing it all at once can become intimidating. Thus, take it slow and step by step. Be consistent with your cleaning and soon enough, you will reach your desired closet look without exhausting yourself.

Tidying up your closet will not only make your room look cleaner, but it will also have a positive effect on your mental well-being. You will feel more in control and organized in your life, leading to greater satisfaction. If you haven’t seriously considered spending a weekend organizing your closet, then you should now! However, if you don’t have a weekend to spare, or want an extra hand with organization, book an appointment with us. Give us a brief idea of what you wish for, and leave it up to us to come up with a design you’ve never seen before.

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