4 Ways to Use Your Garage More Effectively for Post-Holiday Décor Storage

The holidays are officially winding down and it’s time to start thinking about where to store all of your holiday decorations. The craziness of the holiday season can cause you to feel overwhelmed and drained, which could then make you want to store your holiday items just about anywhere to get the job done. Of course, you’ll be finished with everything holiday related much quicker, but it will only make the task of searching and unpacking all of your holiday decorations much more hectic and time-consuming for the next year. When you put a little extra thought into how and where you want to store your holiday decorations, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing everything will have a place. Your garage is the ideal storage place for all your holiday decoration needs. Keep reading on and learn some smart garage storage systems to ease all of your future post-holiday headaches.

  1. Purchase Plastic Storage Bins
    • Plastic storage bins and containers are perfect for most decorations. They fit well in the garage or anywhere else inside the home. These bins can be easily stacked, super sturdy, and are easier to move around. They also protect your items against moisture – which make them the superior option compared to your standard cardboard box. Plastic storage bins are also not a fire hazard. One thing to steer clear of when buying storage bins is the clear plastic bins. While they may be great to easily identify your items, we’d recommend that you do not buy them. Clear bins sound practical and functional, but your precious ornaments and lights could lose their color faster if they end up being exposed to too much light when they are stored. To keep your holiday ornaments in pristine condition, purchase non-clear, solid color containers and simply label your bins.
  2. Use Overhead Storage Racks
    • Purchasing overhead storage racks is the most effective use of your garage space for holiday décor storage. Overhead storage racks are ceiling-mounted, and they take advantage of the vertical storage space in your garage that is typically underutilized. Not only do overhead racks maximize your garage’s storage space, but they are also great for storing those pesky bulky items and things that aren’t frequently used. (We pretty much described holiday decorations in a nutshell!) For your storage bins that you place in overhead racks, you’ll want to put away your artificial Christmas trees, garlands, lights, and lawn inflatables. With these large items out of sight and off your garage floor, you’ll be able to store things on the ground that get more use in your household.
  3. Consider Having a Slat Wall Storage System Installed
    • A slat wall system is another great option for holiday decoration storage. It is superior to the traditional pegboard because it is more durable, easy to clean, and can handle heavier weight loads. With a slat wall, you can install a wide variety of accessories to keep your garage organized and to maximize its storage space. We offer hooks, racks, baskets, bins, and shelves for slat wall. Slat wall is a wonderful option to hang your gift bags or holiday wreaths. You could also consider installing a wrapping paper holder to your slat wall, that way you will never misplace or over purchase gift wrap ever again. The opportunities are endless when it comes to your custom slat wall storage system!
  4. Know What Decorations Need to be Stored Indoors or in the Garage
    • While your garage may be the perfect spot for a majority of your holiday decorations, it is not the ideal place for everything. Many garages experience temperature fluctuations and excess moisture. With those two factors, it makes your garage less than desirable for storing the following items: tablecloths, stockings, hats, tree skirts, candles, delicate glass items, and antique ornaments. With the help of SpaceManager Closets, these delicate items could be properly placed in your garage in our custom storage cabinet with adjustable shelves.

Don’t let the post-holiday blues get you down, contact us at SpaceManager Closets today to make your holiday storage dreams come true! Visit us in our showroom located in Central Houston or online to schedule your free in-home consultation. Happy New Year!